Fei Tan

Economist @ SLU, space investor, day trader, Tesla fanatic.

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Davis-Shaughnessy Hall 469A
Chaifetz School of Business
3674 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108-3397
Phone: +1(314)977-2123
Email: tanf [at] slu.edu

My research agenda is organized around three areas: macroeconomics, Bayesian statistics, and evolutionary dynamics. One line of my recent research develops frequency-domain approaches to solving dynamic incomplete information models with applications to monetary and fiscal policy. Another line develops Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for estimating high-dimensional dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models. I also conduct research on the evolution of cooperative and altruistic human behavior.

Currently, I teach ECON 3120 Intermediate Macroeconomics, ECON 4310 International Macroeconomics, and ECON 6930 Applied Bayesian Statistics at Saint Louis University.

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Nov 25, 2022 (Pinned) z-Tran copyright & academic integrity
Nov 23, 2022 Spring 2023 course: ECON 6930
Oct 5, 2022 2022-2023 job market candidate: Zheliang Zhu

Recent Papers

  1. WP
    Appetite for Treasuries, Debt Cycles, and Fiscal Inflation
    Tan, Fei
    working paper, 2022