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Economist | engineer | educator | investor.

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Davis-Shaughnessy Hall 469A
Chaifetz School of Business
3674 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108-3397
Phone: +1(314)977-2123
Email: tanf [at] slu.edu

Hello, world. My research agenda is organized around three areas: macroeconomics, Bayesian statistics, and evolutionary dynamics. One line of my current research develops time and frequency-domain approaches to dynamic equilibrium models of expectations formation. Another line develops Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for estimating large-scale structural models. These tools are applied to study monetary and fiscal policy, asset prices, and a variety of related topics in macroeconomics and finance. Recently, I like to train Bayesian neural nets regularized by economic theory. My previous research studies the evolution of cooperative and altruistic human behavior.

Currently, I teach macroeconomics and econometrics at Saint Louis University. Meanwhile, I work on competitive programming projects of data science. I am also a thematic investor for space economy and have rich experience in derivative trading.

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Recent Papers

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    Appetite for Treasuries, Debt Cycles, and Fiscal Inflation
    Tan, Fei
    working paper, 2022